I like cars. I've always liked cars. I like the way they smell, I like the way they sound and I like the way they feel when you drive them. My favorites are American cars from the mid-'50's to the mid-'70's.

Collecting cars s a rich man's hobby and I am not a rich man. However I did manage to collect and restore a few. They are fun to own and drive. These days I mostly just take pictures of cool cars at car shows (a friend calls it car porn).
Cars and me: a love story
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welcome to PeterBrennan.com
Mr. Benz- elegant and fun to drive... likes to go fast
"What'll it take me to put you in the seat of this beautiful '66 Corvair Monza?"
Salt 'n' Pepper 'Vairs...
the white is a '66, the black is a '67
Nothing beats a ride in the country in a cool car on a beautiful summer day!
My '67 Dodge Monaco has been great fun. It's frickin' huge... too big for the first garage I rented for it, and too big to fit in this shot, but surprisingly light for it's size. It seems to just float above the highway.
I had this great '66 Comet Caliente- a lot of fun to drive. I had a '62 Falcon too- but the Fords didn't seem to hold up so well over time. Too bad, because the designs were sweet.
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Cars and me: a love story
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