I didn't set out to live in three places, it just kinda happened. In 1977 I moved into Roy's one-bedroom apartment in White Plains. It was cozy, but we liked it that way. It was my student apartment and we lived there during my years working in New York. When I moved to Boston for work in the early '90's Roy kept it and it's convenient to have a place so close to New York when we can be there together.

Before I met Roy he and his brother Tom started building the log cabin in Eminence, NY. With the help of a lot of us but mostly by themselves, they cut down the trees, notched them out like Lincoln logs, built the cabin, filled in the chinks between the logs, put a roof on, build the fireplace from fieldstone on the property and finished off the kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom. The logs came from the state forest that surrounds the property and they acquired the right to the logs by trading a donkey for them. The donkey was acquired by bartering work as a mason.

For thirty-seven years we've thrown a 4th of July party on the property near the cabin complete with a traditional lamb roast, kegs of beer, fireworks and a bonfire. Many friends from the local area come by with a dish to pass and many friends from Rochester, New York or Boston come and camp on the property.
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In Boston we've lived in a tower 28 floors above the town and in a loft in the old Baker's Chocolate factory. We now live in nearby Quincy.