Throughout these many years, with Bob Sann and at the Phoenix and on my own, I continued to be an industry gadfly and policy wonk. I chaired the Voice Division of the Information Industry Association and was a director for years. I led the US Delegation to the Global Congress of Information Industries in 1993. I chaired the Interactive Services Association and was a director for many years. I co-chaired the White House Roundtable for Telephone Information Services.
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In my current "corner office" I continue to seek business opportunities, build alliances and expand the interactive marketplace.
This is a good time to tip my hat to the companies who I worked for and with that supported me in much of that activism, particularly the Phoenix and its owner, Stephen Mindich. Much of it was self-serving of course but when given the option of letting other companies and individuals carry the load they chose to do their share and that is commendable.
In the course of all that activism I represented the industry's perspective before various congressional committees and gave testimony at the Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission and at dozens of state utility commissions. I chaired conferences and panels and I spoke for audiences ranging from the National Association of Broadcasters to the National Press Club to the Direct Marketing Association.
Most of my time at the Phoenix was spent working at Tele-Publishing, which became the world's largest provider of print and online personal ads. Thought not a lawyer, I reviewed and managed hundreds of contracts, successfully processed several patent applications, managed various litigation activities, developed and launched new services for radio, cable television and mobile phones. In 2005 I left the Phoenix and started my own business dedicated to developing mobile services and payment mechanisms. Though successful for a while, the recession of 2009 has taken a toll on those ventures.
Receiving a product award with Andy Sutcliffe, one of the internet's true visionaries
With Reed Hundt, the first Federal Communications Commission Chair to have a computer on his desk
Opening the Interactive Services Association Annual Conference
What started as interactive audio content on the phone morphed into what we now know as the internet. It was known variously as audiotext, telephone information services, videotext, online services, and eventually of course, the internet. I started a couple businesses on my own but eventually landed at the Phoenix Media Group in Boston, where I developed new voice, internet and eventually mobile services over a fifteen year period of time.
Since striking out on my own as a young man I have had many different kinds of jobs. I put myself through college mostly working as a printer. In 1983 I graduated with honors from SUNY Purchase, with a degree in American Studies. I got a job in New York working for a man who would become a lifelong friend, Bob Sann. Bob was a political media consultant with an unerring eye for creating impactful television and an unerring nose for bullshit. He taught me how to be a better writer, how to work on a deadline, juggle competing priorities, how to buy time and negotiate rates.

The old Bell Telephone Company had just been broken up by the courts and Bob and his brother Burt recognized an opportunity to present commercial recorded content via the phone using local "976" and national "900" numbers. Part of my role in that business for them was to create programming and to develop relationships with industry colleagues, regulators and the media to foster a positive environment for the nascent industry.
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